For all of you Hellfish that aren't from the Michigan area we have posted Matt Ziegler's Photos from the Hellfish Toga Party @ Skydive Tecumseh on August 16th, 2014 (go to Hellfish Photos page).  My thanks to Matt for allowing me to post his photos.  And thanks to Aaron Burwell, Midwest Regional Director of Team Flying Hellfish, and the other Hellfish who helped to make this party possible.  I may be prejudiced but I think Skydive Tecumseh has the mostest, bestest, hottest female skydivers of any DZ in the country.  Go to the Hellfish Photos page to check out 100+ photos from the party and see if I'm exaggerating.  ( all Photos are G or PG rated  so don't get too worked up)

Matt Ziegler - Toga Party - 106