Are you having trouble with your "" email address?

I am a member of the Hellfish, and a graphic designer.  I was approached by Bubba, PF, and some of the other old heads in January, and we discussed my designing a new website for the Hellfish.  I have recently completed stage one of the website redesign, allowing for the ability for multiple people to have access to the site, update the numbers list, etc.

Today I received a message from a Hellfish member who was not pleased to find out that his email address - ___________ - is no longer working.  He wanted to know why we have disabled the email servers.

To clear things up: we have not "disabled" any email servers... We have simply moved the hosting to a new location.  This is the first I have heard of there being any issues with the email addresses, or there being any related email addresses in the first place.  I apologize for your inconvenience, but I had no idea that any of this was even going on.  I have received very limited information about how things have been administered in the past, and have tried to make things work in the best manner possible.

We can get your email address fixed, so don't worry.  We will need to set up an email account for you on the new hosting server, and then provide you the login details to use with your email client.

In the meantime, it's probably going to be important to get a list of other people who this issue will affect / has affected.  We can set things up properly for them to use their new account settings as well.

If you are being affected by this issue, please just send a short message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let me know who you are, what your email address was, etc.  Additionally, if you have any info about how this was administered previously, that would be greatly appreciated as well.

Sorry for your inconvenience - I'm just trying to help out to the best of my abilities.


-Chris K (HF#839)



Hello friend!  You've stumbled across the brand-spanking-new Team Flying Hellfish website.


We're working hard to put together an awesome new site deserving of such a fine, upstanding organization.  However, in true Hellfish fashion, this project has been funneled.  It's a goddamn miracle you're reading this at all, really.


Hang tight... more will be coming soon... ish. 


Love, Pondscum (HF# 839)