Iguazu Falls Jump and Corrientes Boogie, December 2003

These pics are from the December 2003 International Boogie held in Corrientes, Argentina. The turnout was lower than expected and the weather was unbelievable (more rain than I've ever seen) but somehow we managed as a group to have a wonderful and magical experience in the north of Argentina and at the Falls (known there as Cataratas) that form the border of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.

Prior to arrival we had permission to land at the National Park in a crowded bus parking lot (with moving buses and the whole nine yards) but upon arrival we were informed that we would be arrested and our gear confiscated (stolen) if we landed there. So it was onto the "secondary" landing area, a dirt road cut out of the jungle, not only was this dirt road remote and somewhat difficult to see from the air, but it also had the added feature of a power line running across the road at our desired landing area, which was just wide enough to get a canopy into (remember that trees grow inward and at the top of the tree canopy it was just wide enough at several places to get your personal canopy in there).

A couple of us chickened out after viewing the landing area (Supreme Commander included, less than Supreme at that point, merely wanted to stay alive). But we later changed our minds and went with our mentally handicapped friends. Somehow (miracle) we all landed safely on this dirt road in the middle of the jungle. Several of us pounded in pretty hard (Maury) and we were all pretty #$%##@%*! happy to be alive.

After discussing this jump amongst ourselves and coming to the realization that we were certifiably insane to make this jump under these conditions, we decided that a special subgroup of The Flying Hellfish was appropriate, this group is now known as the "Do or Die" Club.

The participants:
HF#1 John MacDonald DOD#3HF#117 EG DOD#6
HF#258 Saito DOD#7HF#432 Jorge DOD#4
HF#433 Ariel PilotoHF#434 Diego Rostoll
HF#435 Martin PilotoHF#436 Ariel Mechanico
HF#437 Pablo CaptainHF#438 Ivan Kaczor DOD#1
HF#439 Johnny Peru DOD#5HF#440 General Aldofo Unda Rojas
HF#441 MiguelHF#442 Maury DOD#9
HF#443 Dexter "laboratory" Thompson DOD#6HF#444 Carlitos Alcaron
HF#445 Chet HF#449 Colo DOD#10
HF#450 Peter Gruber DOD#8HF#455 Bjarnes DOD#2

a spectacular view of the Falls and an idea of what our landing area would be like...bad The whole group visiting the National Park of Iguazu, here were are at the Garganta del Diablo, the Devil's Throat
Corrientes Airport Hijo and Daddy at the Falls a rainbow at one of the falls Ivan, Bjarnes and Dexter on the way to Iguazu in our own military Casa Ivan and John
The landing area view of the falls while laying on the ramp of the Casa view of the falls while laying on the ramp of the Casa Iguazu National Park Iguazu National Park
The pilots and the Casa, Pablo, Diego, Ariel and Martin  (also Ariel Mechanico not pictured) a shot of the falls under canopy, after the jump a shot of the falls under canopy, after the jump the group after the jump, its a miracle we're all OK our landing area
Iguazu National Park Iguazu National Park a boat tour into the falls photo of Pasa Patria from under canopy, beach demo jump, bad spot after the beach demo jump, sand in the gear wooohoooo!
after beach demo jump the Corrientes bridge at sunset, beautiful the group after the Pasa de Patria beach jump