Guatemala Boogie, December 2004

These pics are from the December 2004 International Boogie held in Puerto San Jose in Guatemala. We arrived in Guatemala City and then flew into Puerto San Jose in a Lett 410 twin turbine aircraft. Once over the airfield of the Escuela de Paracaidista (Guatemalan Airborne School) we arrived in our customary Latin fashion, we simply jumped out of the aircraft and landed in a town and DZ that we'd never before seen. There simply is no better way to travel than to board a plane with your luggage and your rig, then jump out of the plane once over the destination, its great, and not done very often in the states.

We only had three days to jump, from Dec. 4th to the 6th but during those days we performed many feats that had never before occurred in Guatemala including completing a 10 way with skydivers from U.S., Guatemala, Argentina, Mexico and El Salvador. A new move was perfected by Miguel Cantoral which came to be known as "the Cantoral" where upon entering a round formation Miguel reaches for his grips, floats up above the round and then proceeds to backflip thru the center of the round. Its really quite entertaining to witness "el Cantoral." Also, yours truly, HF1 and Bjarnes (HF 455) completed their 1000th jump with Bjarnes taking his wife Christy on a tandem and myself, EG, and Jorge Rodas tagging the tandem. THe last jump of the boogie was a spectacular beach jump over Puerto San Jose at sunset on Sunday the 6th, followed by a 20 ft. flyover of the Lett aircraft that was truly unbelievable.

Thanks to Jose Castro and Miguel Cantoral for putting a lot of effort into the boogie, it was enjoyable and memorable, the weather was fantastic and the jump run view of the volcanoes on one side and the Pacific on the other is something I won't forget.