original japanese Hellfish The Hellfish Story: With a motto like "No Points? No Problem!" further explanation seems almost pointless but this team's destined to be a skydiving legend. Actually, the word "team" doesn't quite fit, nor does "club", "group" or any other description you try to tag them with. They started as an eclectic group of fun jumpers and grew into a runaway franchise! They represent what's best about skydiving: good friends united in a common bond: aerial addiction.

HF1 commands all that he surveys, bow down or feel the wrath

The original Hellfish 8 were an unlikely combination of personalities. In fact, they were so diverse only a love of the sky could bring them together--over Quincy, at Bridge Day, at the US National Accuracy championships, Paraski--you name it! After meeting as an unofficial group at the WFFC from '95-'98, Brundle, Bubba and Phillip J. Fry (HF #1138) one night in April of 1999, after several refreshments, realized "We're just like the Hellfish!" The name stuck and The Flying Hellfish were born.

The "Original 8" form The Flying Hellfish at Quincy 1999 (Homey is at the party tent).

The following WFFC it was official. On the last night of the WFFC convention 1999, John MacDonald AKA "Brundle" AKA "Supreme Commander" made the presentation. Eight hand-stitched crests were handed out in a nighttime ceremony. The Original 8 are: Joe "Bubba" Phillips, "Marty" MacDonald, Richard "Homey" Holmes, Jim "Ripcord" Poulson, John "Preacher" Walker, Jerry "Airtime" Anderson and "Captain" Ron Walker the load organizer and coach.

When the 2000 convention rolled around, the Hellfish moved onto Drop Zone row with their own tent, lots of beer and no attitude. They even had their own professional packer, Rebecca Lange. Too much fun attracted attention along the row and so many people wanted to "join" the Hellfish that a Hellfish Number system was begun. T-shirts, decals, blow-up dolls and all, it was quite a convention! They even survived the storm, the mud, rain and nightly parties!

Since that time, our membership has grown to over 200 members with people including Tom Sanders, Bob Sinclair ("Ripcord" TV series), Grant Carroll (Martini Shots) and the ONE and ONLY, King of daredevils, Evel Knievel. It seems people like what we have to offer: a group of people enjoying life and not taking themselves too seriously, with some skydives/BASE jumps thrown in for good measure. If you want we have and are willing to go to any length to get it (just kidding), just contact Bubba (Midwest Chapter) or the Supreme Commander next time you see us at the DZ and we'll sign you up. Don't worry you can't miss us.