World Freefall Convention 2003


World Freefall Convention 2002

The Torch is Passed...

Like Father... like son...

Rantoul Daily Synopsis

Funnel Fish Award Update:
Peter H.8/2Didn't show upsilver
Dave (Brit) 8/26-waysilver
Jane Walker8/38-waysilver
Mike8/4Raft camerasilver
Jane8/5Cypress fire out of raftGOLD
Marty8/66-way, took out HF1GOLD
Ray8/7funneled two dives in a rowsilver
Golden Knnnigget8/8went low on raft with smoke on legGold
Who will be next?...It could be you!

The Golden Knights made two raft jumps with us on 8/9 and 8/10, one of the jumps was with smoke and a Knnnigggettt (see Monty Python if you don't understand this) went low while he had smoke on his leg, it was visible for miles that a Knight was low on a Hellfish raft dive and he received a gold funnel fish for the effort plus copious amounts of abuse from his teammates.

The FLying Hellfish accuracy team outdid themselves this year with the best placing ever for any Hellfish in any event related to skydiving, no, not last place, second place! We were all very proud of them, Ron Walker, Ray Walker, Paul Robinson and Mike Wolfe. Mike Wolfe was the first down and to cheers of "Hellfish, Hellfish, Hellfish" he stomped the disc dead center after a slight swoop on his 170, Ron, Ray and Paul followed with good results but Mike clearly stole the show. The judges, realizing Mike and the other guys were Hellfish, then gave the Royal Screwjob to Mike and the team by claiming he dragged his foot and gave him an official measure of 0.96 meters, it was more like one inch if anything. But that's the breaks, they can't have Team FLying Hellfish steal any first place medals from the pros, so we graciously (glug, glug) accepted second place. Way to go guys!... now you're off the team, you're too good.

Jane Walker rolled out of the raft late and had a Cypress fire on 8/5/02, landed with two canopies out, she's havin' a helluva convention, 2 silvers and a gold, she's gonna be hard to beat...but it can be done, we've got the C130, balloon, and the Jet to go.

The Flying Hellfish and The Flying Tigers form an unnatural and unholy alliance with their legendary 19-way on 8/3, welcome to the Hellfish, you mean Flying Tigers!

Goat Boy becomes Hellfish of Rantoul Day #1 with the first cutaway of WFFC 2002! Zeke must've packed his main.

Nice Launch Ron
Cat Litter Avenue?!
For the love of all things holy...
Ron! watch out its the lawyer fish!
Now that's a beer wall C130 jump