A Tribute to fallen Hellfish who will remain in our hearts forever

May 2008: Ian Firkins (HF88) died during a demo in England (I believe), details are coming in on this. We are all very saddened about the departure of another of our school of Hellfish and will miss Ian.

Aug. 2003: Pops left us during the convention. He will be dearly missed by his immediate family and the Hellfish family.

In Memory of Pops

Jan. 2007: HF#4 has passed on to the Great Bridge Day in the sky, please say a prayer for Marty Poulson and remember the great times we all had with Jim. One of my favorites is after one of our jet jumps at Quincy when Jim looked like he just got out of the ring with Mike Tyson (the 1980s Mike Tyson) and it was from some randomly placed chunk of metal that was hanging off of his old rig and flapping him in the face, he didn't even notice until we pointed it out, priceless, tough as nails, he will be missed. Let's take a moment to remember Jimmy and Pops.

In Memory of Jim Poulson In Memory of Ripcord