Over the years Team Flying Hellfish has attracted both the Famous and the Infamous

Newest -  729 Miles Daisher - edit 250Miles Daisher (HF # 729) at "work" over Brazil. It's a tough job but somebody has to do it.
Newest -  729 Miles Daisher 3 - edit 250Miles Daisher at "work" in Spain
Newest -  942 Bertrand Cloutier-3 edit 250 Bertrand Cloutier (HF # 942) in the cover photo (in red) about to exit some humongous cliff in Norway.
Newest -  725 Sean Chuma -2 edit 250 Sean Chuma (HF # 725) just 3 months after total knee reconstruction doing a back-flip unpacked from the rail. "What could Possibly go wrong?" Pure Hellfish !!

in the sport of Skydiving and BASE jumping.  For example two of our earliest members were Tom Sanders (HF # 108) and Norman Kent (HF # 39).  Tom was freefall videographer for numerous movies including Congo, Point Break, Golden eye, Living Daylights, Tomorrow Never Dies, Terminal Velocity, Drop Zone, 48 Hours, and Flight of the Intruder  as well as hundreds of TV Commercials and Extreme Sports shows [ http://www.aerialfocus.com/ ] .  Norman Kent has similar movie credits including Navy Seals, XXX (Vin Diesel), Get Smart, Eraser (Schwarznegger), Cliff Hanger (Stallone), and many others plus numerous commercials and TV shows [ http://www.normankent.com/  ]. 

     The latest batch of Inductees also includes the Famous and the Infamous.  In Twin Falls at the Perrine Bridge Festival we inducted 14 new members.  The most famous of these is Miles Daisher, member of the Red Bull Air Force having numerous film, TV show, and TV commercial credits on his resume.   Miles has over 3,000 BASE jumps and skydiving and BASE jumping for Red Bull is his full time job.  He lives in Twin Falls so he can get a jump in before breakfast off the Perrine Bridge.  Miles has invented two new sports: Skyaking (flying a kayak out of a plane to chute deployment and then flying it to a river landing, and Rope-Swing BASE (launching a BASE jump off a building or bridge using a rope swing as a launching device).  Check out all of Miles exploits on his bio page at the Red Bull Website [ http://redbullairforce.com/pilot/milesdaisher ]

   Another of our Inductees was Bertrand Cloutier, the leader of what we are calling the French-Canadian Connection.  Bertrand is a long time skydiver and BASE jumper as well as a BASE jump instructor from Quebec City, Quebec.  You can find him at Twin Falls or in Moab throughout the year with a class of French-Canadian BASE students.  Bertrand was one of the jumpers featured in the IMAX Film, “Adrenalin Rush: The Science of Risk”.  He is pictured on the cover of the Blu-Ray DVD making a 5-way launch off some humongous cliff in Norway.  Bertrand and his crew talk funny so we are not really sure what they are thinking most of the time – in fact some of his students do not speak English beyond a few phrases.

   Sean “Chuma” is young but a fixture in the BASE community. He perfected his aerial skills as an NCAA Pole Vaulter for the University of Nebraska.  He now lives in Twin Falls and regularly conducts First Jump Courses for BASE jumping.  Sean is extremely safety focused and provides top notch BASE Instruction getting students to accomplish specialty jumps in just a week.  He is also credited as leading the invention of Tandem BASE Jumping and currently offers these jumps on his website [ http://seanchuma.com/ ] -  check it out.  Sean and Mario Richard were the first to take Tandem Students off the New River Gorge Bridge in 2011.  Sean was featured on ABC News for taking a 102 year old great grandmother off the Perrine Bridge.  Sean, unfortunately, became a little infamous with some aerials gone bad off the Perrine 16 months ago.  His leg got tangled in the suspension lines and they nearly ripped his lower leg off on opening.  But with surgery and rehab he is fully recovered.  Like a true Hellfish he made a water landing jump off the Perrine at Bridge Fest 2012 just three months after the accident.


     Brent “Idaho” Clark lives just down the road from Twin Falls and is a fixture in the BASE jumping community.  He currently works as a Tandem BASE Carrier Pigeon (or whatever they call them) in addition to his day job.  “Idaho” got infamous last year at the 2012 Perrine Bridge Fest when he took his round parachute into the water – except the winds picked up and he landed in steep rocks on the North side of the Snake River (no-one lands there on purpose).  “Idaho” went to the hospital and received a large number of stitches to close a wound in his arm but still made it to the banquet that night at Elevation 486 and drank his share of painkiller.


This latest class of Hellfish Included (6) French-Canadians and (1) Aussie.  Congratulations to the newest members – you can see pictures of all of them on the  “Our Newest Hellfish” page.


Marty MacDonald, HF # 2 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Newest -  725 Sean Chuma - edit 250 Sean Chuma with the cameras and the babes getting ready to Tandem BASE. Newest -  726 Brent Idaho Clark - edit 250 "Idaho" Clark (HF # 726) BASE Tandem Master