"Over the Edge Moab" hosted this year's Turkey Boogie in Moab, Utah.  Our thanks to Ben Lowe of "Over the Edge Moab" for putting on a great party.  The weather was colder than forecast and the road to mineral bottom was compromised but even so, a  lot of jumps were made.   We inducted several new members of Team Flying Hellfish per the captions below the photos.  It was great to meet everyone and to jump with you.  Any corrections please email me.  Marty MacDonald (HF #2) @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Moab 1

Getting ready to exit "Starship Enterprise" at Mineral Bottom.  From Left: ??, Nick Simoneaux (HF # 950),  ??, James Davis (HF # 913), Justin Tyler (JT) Davis (HF # 957 - Lime Jacket), ??, Regina Elwell, Chris Mort (HF # 951 - Yellow jacket), Brian Sanchez (kneeling), Justin Miller (HF # 952),  Andrew Wilson (HF # 953), ??, Dennis Valdez (HF # 954 - blue helmet), Ace Henderson (HF # 955), James Yaru (HF # 956) & Martin MacDonald (HF # 2).

 Moab 2

 Getting ready to exit "Jay Leno".  From left: Ace Henderson (HF # 955), James Davis (HF # 913 - in back), Dennis Valdez (HF # 954), Ari Casella, Brian Sanchez (back - blue helmet), Justin Tyler (lime Jacket), Nick Simoneaux (HF # 950 - back), & Tammy Tommaseo